Bio Vikas Grover

Vikas Grover, who is basically a technocrat with a passion of running marathon experience and passion his mind towards the same marathon spirit. Born in Chandigarh on 2nd Nov 1979. Vikas got married to the girl of his dreams on 27 April 2009. He now has a son and a daughter. He speaks Hindi, English and French. He loves to run, write, laugh and spend most of his time with kids, family and friends. Vikas Grover has diverse exposure in technology spanning over 15 years in large multinational companies in India and France. He holds a Computer Engineering (Honours) from Kurukshetra University and Management degree from French B-School, ESSCA, France. Apart from his professional life, he has a passion for sports and finished more than 50+ marathon events (including Full, Half and 10km). He participated in many Marathons both in India and outside (Sri-lanka, Hongkong, Paris). The author owns a website by the name, and It is a website where one can access to know about him and his few photographs. His next mission is to write a book main to share his journey and to provide a wide range of awareness spirit to move on of health to help people and to overcome from a tough time and have a positive attitude towards life, preventive health check-ups and run the marathon and complete it with a Big Smile.