5 best
by Vikas Grover

Running, and especially running a marathon, can help you become the person you want to be. I found the simply activity of running to be one of the best medicine for good health. In this corporate sector where one is forced to work hard, under pressure, its important to avoid any sickness. Running is definitely helpful in avoiding any sickness. And now for my 5 best marathons...

Colombo marathon,2007

I traveled to Colombo only to run a marathon, and enjoyed the race a lot. I became the only Indian who had participated in 2007.

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon,2009

Finished the marathon with the big smile. Proud of the feeling that I was running for a good cause - under priviledged children.

Hutch Delhi Marathon (now Airtel Delhi Half marathon), 2006.

After coming back from France I decided to run my first ever half marathon.It was the most memorable experience, and one which turned my life towards the marathon world. It was my first and the most memorable one. Find out how to enter this race at http://adhm.procamrunning.in

Hongkong Half Marathon,2008

Finished the half in 2 hours 39 seconds. It was an amazing experience. Great running track over the Bridge and under the tunnel. Took lots of pictures with beautiful girls (I was unmarried in this marathon).

Paris Marathon, 2010

Finished in 4 hours 58 minutes and lived every kilometer of it. Received the finisher's medal and a t-shirt. it was my first International marathon after my marriage and my wife was waiting at the finishing line on the Champs-Élysées.


Partook and performed commendably in over 41 Half/Full Marathon Events at IIT Guwahati, Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Paris, Colombo, Hong Kong etc..

The Journey

My journey into marathons started way back in 2006, when I returned from France to India and ran the first Half Marathon in New Delhi, 2006 (now called the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon). It was an amazing experience. I realized, thereafter, that I need to get into better form to be able to enjoy such an event more, in the future. I continued my journey with participating in the Standard Chartered Half Marathon in 2007. I was living up to my passion of distance running and had started taking it up with more vigour. I ensured that I registered myself for the Mumbai Marathon 2015 on the opening day itself.

By participating in marathons, not only have I felt happier and healthier but have been able to give back to the society by raising funds for various NGO's to finance projects that are close to my heart. So far, I have participated in 41 marathon events (including Full, Half and 10K Marathons) across India, Sri Lanka, France and Hong Kong. I feel, running a marathon is a lifetime ambition for me. It has offered me a chance to travel, soak in the beauty of the local scenery, be cheered on by supportive crowds and really proved as a challenge, both my mental and physical strength. Running a marathon, for me is an inspiring and life-affirming event that stays within, forever. These events have provided me with opportunities to meet new people from all over the world and I have been able to forge lasting friendships.

Relieving stress is one of the primary reasons why I run. Many of the pressures of modern life can be mitigated by the feel-good, healing effects of a run. After a tough day at the office, being assaulted by the endless tumult delivered by the evening news, I know, I can find relaxation and renewal—and hopefully, a sense of harmony—by venturing out onto the roads for a good sweat. The benefits of distance running, no doubt, include—increased energy, improved health; a sense of accomplishment, increased discipline, increased productivity, quality time outdoors, A chance to show off to the opposite sex that you can do it and of course, great-looking legs (never underestimate the power of lean, muscular legs). Running, and especially, distance running, have helped me become the person I want to be. I have found the simple activity of running to be one of the best medicines for good health and feeling happy. In the corporate sector where one is forced to work hard, under pressure, it is importance to avoid any sickness.