How did you become a runner?

One day my French friend Sylvain invited me for an evening jog in Rouen, near Paris. It was such an amazing experience but I realized that I needed to get fitter to enjoy it more in the future. So I started running seriously when I came back to India in 2006. Earlier, I wasn’t able to run very far or fast. I remember worrying about being able to complete 42.195 kms race! As the years went by, I slowly built up mileage and confidence and finished my marathon both in India and international (Hongkong, Colombo and Paris). My advice is to start slow, build mileage gradually, and complete the race with a BIG SMILE.

How many miles do you run each day?

My daily mileage varies greatly. In general I walk on regular basis and run 2-3 days in a week. Timing is not important from me, I just want to finish the race with a big smile.

Where do usually run?

Now that I live in Gurgaon, I like to run in my neighborhood Park, known as the HUDA Park.

Do you do any strength training?

I do some regular and yoga asanas, but to increase more strength, I have to work hard on this, I generally prefer practice on treadmill and run outside. For a fast runner, it is very important to include strength training.

What kind of marathon training program did you follow?

For the 2016 London Marathon, I made my own training program - at least 3 days run in week on planned schedule

How many calories do you eat per day?

I don’t count calories, but sometimes I estimate to make sure I’m getting enough. I listen from my body eat a little before I feel thirsty or hunger.

How about food?

I love to eat healthy and mainly what’s home cooked. I prefer more of vegetables compared to meat. I love to cook as well but I would rather eat what my wife cooks. She’s an amazing chef.

What’s the best meal you ever had?

I think my most memorable food experience was with my friend Jean Marc in Colombo. It cost a few dollars for runners. The dish was so delicious that I just had tried everything..

Disclaimer: I am a simple runner and the information on this blog is only a reflection of my personal experience and knowledge.